Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring is coming soon...

These warm temperatures have me thinking of spring which means busy times in the library.  In the midst of MAP testing, Ed Performance and ending the year all of the students need to take the annual library survey. Some of you have already taken the survey in the last two weeks more are working on it in the next few.  If you have any ideas for books or magazines the library should get next year now is the time to let me know.  Just stop by the library if you already took your survey and tell me or add them to your survey if you haven't taken it yet.  Remember I want to buy materials you want to have!  Anytime you have a suggestion or idea come by and see me!

Also just a reminder the deadline to read 4 of the Truman/Mark Twain Award Nominees is February 25th.  If you let me know before the 25th you'll get to attend the Reader's Lunch where we have pizza, drawings for prizes and vote for your favorite title.  Right now 7th grade has read the most books with 281 Nominees and 46 students already invited to the lunch.  6th and 8th grade lets catch up!

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