Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reader's Lunch

6th grade discussing who
they wanted to win.
8th Grader's enjoying their pizza!
March 28th was the Reader's Lunch in the library.  With over a 100 Carver students having read 4 or more of the books there were quite a few kids at the lunches.  In total students at Carver read 619 books making this year's list very popular.  Prizes were drawn for and the Carver winners were announced.

 We are waiting to hear mid April who the official state winners are but at Carver "Gone" by Michael Grant took 1st place followed closely by Suzanne Collins book "Hunger Games" with "Jump the Cracks" by Stacy DeKeyser taking 3rd place.  We'll see soon if Carver predicted the state winners or not.

7th grade was my largest group, they took up both sides of the library!

More 6th graders enjoying their lunch.
7th grade having a great time.
I had a wonderful time with each group as they came through for lunch but was especially pleased to see the large group from 7th grade.  This is the second year in a row that the 7th grade has out read the other grades, we'll see what happens next year.  Enjoy the pictures!
8th grade finishing up a very busy day!

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