Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2010-2011 Reader's Award Winners

In an amazing turn of events Carver student correctly predicted the top books for this year's Truman Awards, they just had them in a slightly different order.  In 3rd place was Jump the Cracks by Stacy DeKeyser.  And then the top two books which Carver had reversed where 2nd place Gone by Michael Grant and in 1st place, Hunger Games Suzanne Collins.  Hunger Games was of course my personal top choice, but I really enjoyed Gone as well.  Hunger Games also took 1st place in the Gateway Awards the High School Reader's Award.  If you haven't any of these three books you should check out one from the library today.  We've got copies of all three.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Library Snapshot Day at Carver

Yesterday was Missouri School Library Snapshot Day at Carver and I would like to say it was a huge success!

 The students and staff use this library in a variety of ways and at different times, but clearly they use it.  415 students and staff members came to the library yesterday.  Some dressed up as their favorite book characters, some simply visited alone or with their classes to check out materials.

Looking around 4th block, I saw 7th grade students using computers to work on power-point projects, do research on animals, and print out materials for exploration projects.  I saw 8th graders selecting books and magazines for reading.  6th graders visited to share why they loved the library but also to work on their literature circles.  Small groups of them gathered to read or discuss with their groups what they had read so far.  Some selected new books to read.

In short the library was used for all the best purposes.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by, dressed up as their favorite book character and used the library.