Monday, January 11, 2010

What genre do you like?

Often when kids come by the library and can't find a I book I ask them several questions about what kinds of books they have read before and liked, what TV shows or movies they like, and what it is about them they like. This helps me figure out what books to recommend, though it can still be hit and miss to find the perfect fit. Sometimes the book I recommend depends on the age/grade of the student and their maturity as much as what their answer's are to the questions. The better I know a kid the easier it is to recommend a book. It's easier if kids know what genre they like to read, though often books cross genres as do readers. The books included in this powerpoint are intended for 8th grade. Many of them have been read by students in other grades, but I'm recommending them especially to 8th grade. As always read what interests you!