Monday, September 14, 2009

What do Zen and basketball have in common?

Not alot unless you are San Lee a new student at a new school in a new town. San spends a lot of time thinking about identity, and more specificly what his should be in his new school. Suprisingly it's not San who chooses his identity at this new school. Instead his fellow students ranging from Jocks, Skaters, Preps and Goth assign him the role of Zen Master based on his answer's in Social Studies. San willingly accepts his assigned role and does all he can to convince the students he is in fact a Zen Master. He convinces the school's not so great basketball team that he can help improve their game with Zen. Unfortunately his version of Zen comes mostly from the Tao of Pooh. Eventually the fact that San is faking is going to come out, but you won't be sorry you took a look at this Jordan Sonnenblick book.

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