Thursday, April 23, 2009

2009 Mark Twain and Truman Award Books

After spending two days with the state library association, I have some news to pass on to you Mark Twain and Truman readers.

The 2009 Mark Twain Award went to Rick Riordan for Sea of Monsters. Mr. Riordan was at the conference to accept the 2008 Mark Twain Award for The Lightening Thief, and seemed surprised and pleased to be accepting as he put it his "Twin Twain". This is the first time this Missouri award has been given to an author for two consecutive years. A handful of other authors have won multiple times but never consecutively.

Runners up were Million Dollar Putt in second place and Rules in third.

For you older readers this is the first year for a new award for middle school age students. The 2009 Truman Award winner was Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer. This same book took second place in the high school award race so maybe we'll get to see the author next year at the conference.

Runners up were Runaway in second place and Rash in third.

Stay tuned for more reviews if the 2009-2010 Truman nominees and other great books on this blog.

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